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Earth Run Cross Country 5K

The Earth Run Cross Country 5K is one of a series of Corporate Shield events affiliated with the Greenville Track Club in the Greenville-Spartanburg area in which scoring is based on team participation with an emphasis on fitness and friendly competition.
The event has been held annually at the Roger Milliken Center Arboretum in Spartanburg, South Carolina since 1994. Originally called the Cross Country Textile Run, the event was refocused in 2000 and renamed as the Earth Run. Milliken & Company encourages environmental stewardship with the event, while runners experience the mostly grass cross country course within the Milliken Arboretum.
“Coaches describe this course looping through our corporate grounds—a nationally recognized arboretum—as one of the finest in the Southeast, which has been used for numerous high school and collegiate competitive events,” noted past race director Mike Baird.